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Chords and Lyrics

Fix My Eyes

Key of D

[Verse 1]

Bm What love, that draws my heart toG You
Who am ID that You would choAose
Em To walk the earth, the Word made flesh Gand blood
All to gDive Yourself for uAs

[PreChorus 1]

Let our heartGs be, Anchored fEmirmly Tethered Bmto Your hearts desiAre
Let our Emeyes see, What is unGseen, We will alBmways look to yAou


G You are the light that shines, DThrough all my darkest nights
Bm And I will fix my eyes on YAou
G Hope like the sun will rise, DDawn will break in my hearts’ sky
Bm And I will fix my eyes on YAou YGou Em
BmYou A

[Verse 2]

Bm You’ve held our future from tGhe start,Hid Your DWord within our hAearts
Em Love grew though only sin waGs sown, So you could cDall us as Your oAwn

[Pre-Chorus 2]

Let our Geyes see, What is unEmseen
We will Bmalways look to yAou


G No fear can stand, Em Even sin anAd death Bm Have surrendered to YouA God
Em You go before, G Our hope seAcureBm In the promise of Your lAove, and we will not be shaken

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