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Chords and Lyrics


Key of C

[Verse 1]

C I was fFound in the first man
Am So lFost in the fall
C Until the OFne man, Jesus
Am Came and erFased it all


C All of my sFin, all of my sAmhame
Laid to rFest in my Savior’s grCave
Now I arFise with glorious lAmife
Found in Your rFesurrection


C The power of ChrFist at home in my lAmife
Your kingdom alFive inside of mCe
C Heaven is fFound in the here and nAmow
Your kingdom alFive inside of mCe

[Verse 2]

C I was cFaught in the ruin
Am OverFwhelmed by the dark
C Until the LFight of salvation
Am Came and reFstored this heart

[Bridge 1]

G My past Amis bFuried
G The old hAmas dFied, I’m raised to lGife

[Bridge 2]

G NoAmw I stFand a new creation
G HoldAming the Fimage of The Son
G AlAml my lFife is being transformed
G From glorAmy to glFory to glorCy

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