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Chords and Lyrics


Key of D

[Verse 1]

G The image of the cross, A a symbol of Bmsin and shame
G The price of thieves and murderAers to be [Bm]slain
G But in an instant,A Christ BmJesus changed it all
G What once was marked in Adeath Bmnow is my reGward


Your Astory is an epic of Bmlove
I find myself in the Gmiddle of it all


On that Dtree where Your blood poured Bmdown
Is where my healing is Gfound, It’s so beautiDful
On that hill where You gave Your Bmlife
Is where I found Gmine, It’s so beautiDful

[Verse 2]

G Born into a world of sin, A I was blinded by the dark
G Lost in all my guilty wAays, I deserved that dirty cross
G But in a moment, A my past had been made clean
G Jesus Christ, the innocent, A paid my penalty

[Tag 1]

BmGA–It’s so beautiDful A /C#


Bm You welcomed me into Your Gstory
Now I find that Amine is forever Dchanged A /C#
Bm Written in Your love and Gmercy
The pages of my Aheart compose the beauty of Your Dgrace A /C#

[Tag 2]

BmOh GOh AOh It’s so beautiDful A /C#

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